Friday, October 3, 2008

So Handsome!

Okay, I'm a total slacker. I've been so busy that I haven't taken the time to write about my little darlings. Theo got his haircut last week and everyday since then he wakes with "I love my new haircut! I so handsome!" I'm not kidding you, that's the first thing he says before he even gets out of bed. Too bad the handsome boy won't smile for his two year pictures. We are trying for the second time tomorrow. Hopefully, we won't have any screaming and tears this time. My eyes and throat were sore for days.

My daughter also apparently doesn't have self-esteem issues either. I told her she was smart today and she replied, "YES , I AM!" It was in that tone of "like of course I am silly mother". I've created monsters.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully, my lazy-butt will take the time to write.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The First Week is OVER!!

Well, our first official week of daycare is over and things went pretty well. They both cried when I dropped them off, but they stopped before I left the driveway. Alison has made a new friend named Madison. They are both new, so they sorta "found" each other. Theo continues to need puppy everyday to make it through the day but he is making friends. However, one of his new friends taught him a wonderful new word. He was shouting "Shutup!!!" during dinner last night. Yeah, that didn't fly well at our house. On a positive note, we are finding out too that Theo is a very good artist.

I only have one sorta funny story today. Theo was acting up and Ali told him in a very serious whisper "You better knock it off. Santa is watching and he's not going to bring you any presents and I'm not sharing mine!" I'm not sure if this was said to "help" her brother or ensure that her presents were safe from her little brother.

Well, Daddy's away golfing for the weekend so I'm sure I'll have many more stories after being single mom for a couple days.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Big 4 Year Old!

On Wednesday, Ali turned 4. It can't believe it! We had her party at PlayWorld and her best buds and family attended. The kids had a great time and Ali said it was her best birthday ever!

When Ali woke up that morning, I told her Happy Birthday and gave her a big hug. She responded with "Mom, I'm still 3." I told her "No, today is your birthday. You are 4 years old today!" She pondered for a moment and looked at me with her brows downward and stated " No Mama, I'm not 4 until my party at PlayWorld!" Her party was at 5:00 P.M. and she was born at 4:54 P.M. so... technically the little smartie pants was right.

Ali got her pictures taken today and of course she could be a model! They turned out so cute! You will see them soon.

Theo did better at daycare, but he won't leave the teacher's side. I start school on Monday, so I hope all goes well.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Can You Hear the Screams????

Well, it is that time of the year again when I have to go back to work. So Ali and Theo have started going to their new daycare. The first time I dropped them off, Theo cried the entire four hours I was gone. Wait, I take that back. He stopped crying to eat, but then continued to wail " I want my Mommy!".

Well, today was day number two and it went a little better. Theo only cried for the first hour this time. He actually took a nap on his mat and didn't cry again until he saw me. What a Mama's Boy!

So on the way home we all talked about our day when suddenly "The Song That Never Ends" starts playing. You Moms know that song. It truly DOESN'T end. Well for some unknown reason I started singing it. Theo put his hands over his ears and started screaming "Stop it! Stop it!". At first I thought it must be a fluke, he couldn't be screaming about MY singing. So I stopped, he stopped, I started again, and he started again. Great, I have Simon Cowell in my backseat. Meanwhile, Paula Abdul tried to soften the blow and said, "Theo doesn't want you to sing Mom". Thanks Ali.

Lexi ( our 13 year old that I'm not allowed to mention because it would be embarrassing) got to officially babysit the kids today while Tim and I went to Target. The kids were actually good for her. :)

Tomorrow is another day at daycare. This time it will be 6 hours. We will see how it goes!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here We Go!!!

Well, I've finally joined the millions of bloggers. I never thought I would do this, but I have to record the funny things my children say and do everyday. Ali will be 4 on Wednesday and Theo is just shy of 2 years old. I know you are thinking "Great another mom who thinks her kids are the center of the universe" You know the type. The mother you make slight eye contact at the doctor's office and she starts telling you about her kid's life from her pregnancy to the currant pink eye infection that brings them to the office that day. Sometimes they even have pictures of their Disney vacation that they will show to any random stranger. Yes, this has happened to me and I have vowed not to be one of "those" mothers. However, hearing kooky stories from my girlfriends about their seemly normal kids often reassures me that my goofballs are just being kids. I am often reminded by mothers of older children how quickly time passes. So this is my way of capturing and remembering the moments. I'm sure my son won't find it so amusing when he figures out that I shared with the world how he likes to hump the floor or my daughter wouldn't like it that I will share stories of her mispronunciation of words. (ex. Snow Wipe instead of Snow White). But oh well they will get over it. Otherwise there's always therapy.

Speaking of which, here is my first Ali story. We were playing Candyland and there is a "stuck on licorice" spot that you can land on where you lose a turn. Well I landed on it and Ali said" Too bad Mom, you are stuck on liquor!" I was laughing so hard. Sometimes I feel like a need to be stuck on liquor. Taking care of two kids is a lot of work and that doesn't sound too bad!

I'm a teacher so I'm a stay-at-home mom during the summer months. I have to say that stay-at-home moms are amazing! It's a ton of hard work.

Naptime is almost over and this domestic diva need to clean the floor and do laundry. Till we meet again!